Remember, bad company corrupts good character. Let go of friends or influences that you know are dragging you down. Trust God to bring the right people and connections across your path. Let go of wrong relationships and move forward in the blessing He has prepared for you!

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The gift of GAP

I’ve been called these things:

Pretentious bitch.
Full of crap.

These are words that are too much to hear in a day. The experience felt like a dagger through my heart, twisted and stabbed back and forth until you cannot distinguish the parts.

I was deeply hurt. But i was blessed at the same time. I was blessed by THE GIFT OF GAP.

I didn’t say anything bad towards the person who called me these horrible things. I didn’t respond with a single curse. I didn’t hate despite the hurt. I was awed by where and how did i get the courage to do that. That’s when i realized that God was really with me that time, He heard all those things as they were thrown to me, He cushioned the blow and whispered to my ear His words of comfort as He was embracing me with His love. It was truly the gift of gap. That 10-second gap wherein you allow yourself to think before you talk and reflect before you say words that you can never ever take back; to preserve relationships and still keep people you don’t ever want to lose.

I may have lost a friend during the course of this confrontation, but At the same time, I was blessed by the gift of gap, the 10-second gap of Spiritual breathing where I chose to love rather than hate. I may have been crushed inside but God was surely there for me, embracing me and loving me and telling me otherwise. And His presence is more than enough for me. :)